Unique & Effective

Kathy bring a unique and effective approach to leadership.
Kathy brings a unique and effective approach to leadership. Continuous improvement is instinctual for her and it drives everything she does, from the creation of exceptional customer service cultures, the development of strong teams, or the hard work of reorganization when appropriate. In Patrick Lencioni’s world of Hungry, Humble and Smart, Kathy would be rated exceptional in all three categories.

In the more than ten years I have been associated with Kathy in multiple settings, she has been a key player in making dramatic change to the quality of the organization. And, in the process, she has played a significant role in driving great improvement to both the top and bottom line. Indeed, Kathy has the special ability to impact the culture and the operational results of an organization like few others.
George Wilkes, President, Dassel, MN

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