Grace & Courage

Kathy challenges team members to face difficult situations with grace and courage.
Environments and people don’t come programed to hold difficult conversations, it takes work, courage, and preparation. Difficult conversations, at any level, can make a person sweat. Through her life long journey of learning, Kathy recognized the power of facing tough talk at all levels within an organization. Sometimes tough messages need to be said and sometimes they need to be heard in order to grow, thrive and move forward. Kathy lives by the words, “If it’s real, let’s talk about it.” She teaches her team to listen, respond with respect, and move forward. It feels awkward, scary and a bit intimidating until you drop your defenses and actively engage in listening with a true intent to understand, see through the other person’s eyes, and strive to resolve. Kathy strives to help leaders create trusting, courageous environments where leaders and employees work together to grow, learn, understand through meaningful conversations.

As a leader, once your head, heart and convictions align, Kathy inspires you to lead with passion. As a young leader, it was easy to rely on tried and true behaviors. For me, I never wanted my team to see my vulnerable side. Kathy taught me vulnerability is ok, necessary and normal. It allows your peers and team members to know the real you. Once you learn to let go of preconceived notions, it allows you to passionately lead with heart and conviction.

– Amy Kliber, Client Services Manager, Chanhassen, MN

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