The strength and sustainability of any structure is determined by the foundation it is built on. We can’t build great things on weak foundations. Businesses work with KWT to first build solid foundations in people, so they can then build better process and profit.

While foundations have similar elements, each has a unique blueprint. Let KWT provide yours.

Organizational Assessment

Gain a big-picture view and action plan. KWT uncovers your best practices and greatest areas for improvement through a SWOT analysis and identifies your next moves to make.


Customer service has a direct impact on your profitability. Building and sustaining high customer satisfaction takes intention. Get the next step blueprint for your organization.


Bottlenecks breed without effective process. Gain insights into how your organization can establish and hone your processes to better align your people and achieve better outcomes.

Employee Engagement

From hiring and performance reviews to ongoing engagement, KWT helps organizations create and integrate effective processes to identify, grow and empower their talent.


Kathy brings a unique and effective approach to leadership.
Kathy brings a unique and effective approach to leadership. Continuous improvement is instinctual for her and it drives everything she does, from the creation of exceptional customer…

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