Training with a Purpose

Kathy instantly put each team and person at ease
At my previous employer, we were struggling with internal guest service—how we worked with and treated each other across departments. People were defensive, quick to blame and morale was suffering. I engaged Kathy to come in, work with every team and take them through her SERVE curriculum. No one likes to be told they HAVE to go to training (especially when they’re already feeling defensive), but Kathy instantly put each team and each person at ease and helped them better understand how their own actions and reactions were contributing to the overall problem. Kathy is particularly gifted at calling people on their own biases and in a way they can own it and gain a different perspective. She exemplifies dignity and respect in how she works treats each person in her trainings. We received great feedback from the staff on the training, even from the most skeptical team members, and we saw an instant lift in cross department collaboration and overall staff morale. If you are struggling with cross department collaboration and internal guest service, I highly recommend hiring Kathy!
Tara Gronhovd, Director of Learning and Development, St Cloud, MN

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