Kathy Wulf-Tays
Founder and Owner

Kathy Wulf-Tays’ career and leadership have been marked by service to others. A passion for helping organizations build strong foundations has driven her 20-year career in customer service, business development, talent management and culture building. Kathy believes that if you build your foundation with your people, they will build the processes that will drive your organization’s success.

She does not shy away from the “tough stuff” and has become a go-to resource to help organizations address conflict and create a culture that manages it in a healthy manner.

Kathy spent most of her career in the printing industry, leading customer service teams. She now brings her business planning, continuous improvement and customer service skill sets to various organizations through her business, KWT.

Kathy balances her fun-loving approachable style with her tenacity to get things done. This combination helps individuals, teams and organizations build solid foundations that foster collaboration, cohesiveness and continued results.



Kathy was the best in our company at what she did.
Kathy was the best in our company at what she did. She was a female leader in a predominantly male operations environment, which I’m sure presented many challenges for her.

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